Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Cows and Ki-Ki's

I realized I've been having so much fun running (yes I said RUNNING) around that I forgot about my blog!! So what's new with me?? Well for starters I don't have to crawl anymore! Crawling's for babies. I can get around really fast which means I can keep up with my cousin Emma and it's a lot easier to catch the "Ki-Ki's" (kitties). I learned how to say moo which is kind of fun although I don't know exactly why I say it. I have six teeth now which is very cool because I can chew my food a lot better. I really like food-my daddy and mommy say I eat really well. And I love milk and juuu (juice)-I always have a cup with me. I'm also a very good helper. I help pick up my toys and love to bring daddy all kinds of things (random things on the ground). Oh yea-and my most favorite new thing of all...wrestling with daddy!!! I'm so strong. All I have to do is run over and push him and he falls over!! Well, that's all for now...come back soon, daddy and mommy have lots of videos and pictures to post!